Congratulations, Women of Saudi Arabia

Seventeen women in Saudia Arabia were elected to public office this week. This is amazing accomplishment in a country in which a woman’s ability to work, marry, and drive (among other things), is regulated by the man in the household. I frequently complain that there is not enough female representation in U.S. politics, when there are countries such as Finland and Sweden where women make up about half or more of the government. Saudi Arabia’s need for women in politics was greater because there were NO elected female officials prior. With the right for woman to vote and to be elected, this is a step in the right direction to open the doors for more women’s rights. I will note that women in Saudi Arabia are only allowed to vote in municipal elections and that there is a cap to the amount of women allowed in these elected positions but still…there progress made.

With women in politics in Saudia Arabia, it changes politics on a global scale. Women are known to be communicators and great with peace negotiations, not to mention have an entirely different perspective because of the way they are treated in society. They are finally given a voice that can be heard at a governmental level and potentially lead to huge changes for female advancement.

This post makes me think of all of the things that the United States could be doing to help our woman but for now, I think the spotlight should stay on the women of Saudi Arabia for this enormous feat.

Twitter user @salma_alrashid. “Here’s to all #Saudi women who went to the polls, made their voices heard and paved the way to generations to come!”


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