I am a believer that all voices can contribute to the greater good  and though we may not be able to knock on the doors of our senators or have an extensive amount of public exposure, our beliefs are what shape us and can inspire us to make changes, even if they create a small impact. Small impacts can turn into big impacts with time, perseverance, and with working others. All of our ideas may not be perfect, but that is why public opinion is extremely important.

IMG_0825I am the petite activist. I am just under 5′ tall and have professional experience publishing on human trafficking, and covering social issues throughout college as an Editor in Chief. My first dive into social activism began when I was 19 years old working at my local The Body Shop. Employees were trained to get customers and non-customers alike to sign our petition to expand Safe Harbor laws throughout the United States expanded so that women being pimped would not be incarcerated for being forcefully prostituted. I had no idea of what human trafficking or sex slavery was up until that point but once I did, I brought all my petitions to college classes and made sure that not only would we meet our target, but we would exceed them.

The petition was presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council with a worldwide count of 7 million signatures, it led to 20 countries committing to long-term legislative change and presently, 39 states in the United States that have changed their legislation to include safe harbor laws.

After years worth of learning and traveling Europe, I have realized that a global perspective makes all the difference. I will try to produce the most unbiased pieces possible. Open to all suggestions! 

Peacefully protesting with Amnesty International to free people detained for speaking their minds. Censorship is pressing issues in some parts of the world.
Peacefully protesting with Amnesty International in New York City in Spring of 2013 to free people detained for speaking their minds. Speaking out against one’s government can lead to extreme consequences in some parts of the world.

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  1. I just nominated you for a community award–Mystery Blogger, and not because you are a mystery or because you write mystery stories….I am getting off track.. Please do not feel pressure to follow it or its rules. Hopefully more people will visit your blog as a result.


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