How to Identify a Terrorist

This title tricked you because there is no way that you can truly identify a terrorist. In recent weeks, there have been talks by Republican candidate Donald Trump proposing the creation of a database of all the Muslims in the United States. However, as we have seen, a multitude of deaths brought on by terrorists in this country are at the hands of white, non-Muslim people.

An analysis by the New America think tank earlier found that since September 11, nearly twice as many Americans have been killed by non-Muslim extremists as by Islamist radicals. Go figure! In these past few weeks alone, there was a mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood and in San Bernardino, CA. At the clinic shooting, Robert Dear, a so-called Christian evangelist, shot innocent people. The California shooting which happened today was perpetrated possibly by white shooters (information is pending). One thing you can notice, as with the Planned Parenthood shooting, is that when white people starts shooting others, the media is quick to say that the person is “mentally ill” rather than a terrorist. No matter what spin the media wants to take, the fact of the matter that all of these murderers are terrorists.

Robert Lewis Dear, a terrorist. (El Paso County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

What has really bothered me is that this country is known as being the land of the free when the actual message given is “Your freedoms are secure unless you are black, disabled, or Muslim.” There should not be these exclusions. Unless there is a better way to figure out who would be most likely to commit an act of terror, the U.S. might be in some trouble. There is the domino effect that if one shooting takes place, another will likely occur. I am looking forward to seeing the precautions that the government (hopefully!) takes after this recent shooting today in California.

Side note: I think more will be done after the California shooting because as we know it, a lot of people are probably happy that the shooting happened at Planned Parenthood happened because they view it as a murder clinic. We won’t get into why PP is not that…

How do you think the U.S. is going to crack down on gun violence? Will the media begin to view white terrorists as they view Muslim terrorists?

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