Lindo Puerto Rico

This holiday season, I decided last-minute that I was going to Puerto Rico. To be able to book a last-minute trip anywhere I know is not something that anyone can simply do, so I feel fortuitous to be able to do so.

I had originally thought of going to Puerto Rico in March during my birthday month but after realizing I had leftover time from work that I had to use or lose, I made the most out of my time off.


Puerto Rico was a my top choice out of all of the other places I had considered because I wanted to travel to a plan that is very warm, relatively cheap, and a place where I would be fine to travel solo to. Puerto Rico basically fit this criteria, though if I go back, I would prefer to go with a friend!

What did not surprise me about Puerto Rico is that the people were in general, extremely warm (as warm as the climate!). For instance, my first day I got a little lost on my way back from the beach and this elderly woman pulled me close to her so that I could share her umbrella. I am not so sure if people where I am from would consider doing this with a stranger!

One downside to Puerto Rico is that if you are a woman walking alone outside -in the daylight or not-you can expect to be catcalled. I learned this within minutes of stepping outside my front door. Another downside is that walking outside at night was not safe, based on conversations with locals. It sounds like a common sense but in Puerto Rico, you have to remain extra vigilant. These two things aside, Puerto Rico is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and I would love to go back again to explore the island further.

On a trip to Puerto Rico, the positive things you can expect are:

  1. Warm weather all year round;
  2. Kind locals;
  3. Breathtaking sunsets and sceneries;
  4. The only tropical rainforest in the U.S, El Yunque, which i did not go to;
  5. RICO COMIDA (“delicious food)!


You should consider Puerto Rico for your next long weekend getaway.

Author: Melissa

4'8", dog lover, fashion and culture enthusiast.

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