Debate Night Recovery

It’s been a few days after the election debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and it seems I am still recovering. Hours prior to the debate, I acquired anxiety, and for good reason. The debate was exactly as expected. I think what was simultaneously surprising and unsurprising was that the whole event reminded me of two children bickering. However, there were two things that struck a chord with me.

Firstly, the presenter Lester Holt could have asked Hillary Clinton more difficult questions. He could have pressed her about her ethics in regard to the email scandal and with the Benghazi attack in 2012. Though the email scandal was mentioned, it wasn’t as large as an issue to Holt, and even Trump did not press Clinton about the issue.

What I disliked the most coming from Trump is that he seems to completely disregard the Constitution, or has no idea what Constitutional means. For someone who kept talking about “law and order,” he ironically spent time at length discussing at lengths why he likes the “stop and frisk” method used by cops, which has been deemed unconstitutional. When those 90 minutes could be spent on other important issues such as climate change, Trump chose to spend his time discussing how stop and frisk was effective (so he claimed). He also kept interrupting Clinton when she was the one forming fully coherent statements, which was bothersome.

Overall, I feel like you didn’t learn much more than what was spoken at the Democratic and Republican conventions, but it proved even further who has the most polished speech skills. Though some might think that Trump is new to politics and we should empathize more for his speech skills, with his amount of money he should be able to afford a professional who could teach him proper speech delivery and etiquette.

I’m looking forward to the next debate! What else did you dislike or approve of?

Author: Melissa

4'8", dog lover, fashion and culture enthusiast.

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