Refugee Crisis at a Breaking Point

It seems that almost every Facebook post this week has been about the refugee crisis and debate. Refugee migration issues have been an ongoing issue but especially after the attack on Paris this past Friday, there has been a surge of Westerners who have vocalized their thoughts via social media. So far, I haven’t seen a person who has a neutral position; they are extremely supportive of efforts to help refugees or are extremely against all of those efforts.

I can understand the sentiments of wanting to keep potential terrorists out of our country. I just do not understand the sentiment of keeping every refugee out of the country. However, the problem is that there are so many refugees and not enough resources to house and care for displaced groups of people. It is also hard to filter out those who are associated with terrorist groups. However, because of a select group of psychopaths with guns, the Western part of the world is in a bit of a panic over Muslim people as a whole.

A Syrian refugee child who fled the violence from the Syrian town of Flita, near Yabroud, poses for a photograph at the border town of Arsal
Photo courtesy of Newsweek.A Syrian refugee child who fled the violence in his Syrian town.

Take the article I read last night. A few Muslim passengers were booted off of a Spirit Airlines plane after one of the men in the group was looking at news on his phone–which apparently seemed suspicious to one of the female passengers. No one had any weapons or plans to terrorize anything. It was a case of racial profiling prompted by the events in Paris. Yet, the airline can play it off as a safety protocol. Honestly, it looks like everyone is just losing their cool and taking out their anger on Muslims. Let us remember that a bunch of Christians that once called themselves the Klu Klux Klan mass murdered dark-skinned folks but we don’t tend to look at Christians as terrorists.

As a whole, Americans should remain vigilant, but not lose their cool on every person with dark skin that they see because not everyone is a terrorist. As for the refugee situation, the U.S. should fine-tune their protocols to screen potential immigrants into the country or work with other nations to find designated areas for the refugees. It would seem hypocritical to keep potential immigrants out of the country because all Americans arrived from immigrants (for me, my grandparents came from Italy in the 1940’s). However, it is clear that our system for accepting incoming immigrants should be revised. In any case, this problem is very sticky.

Are you pro-refugee or adhere to more conservative policies regarding immigration?

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