Religion Done Wrong: The Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

If you are like me, you probably saw headlines about controversy over red cups at Starbucks. When you first saw this, did you understand it? I didn’t at first! When I decided to look it up via one of the greatest inventions of all time, AKA Google, I was confused about why it was so controversial. Then, I was annoyed.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

Controversy synopsis: Christians are angered that Starbucks is not featuring the phrase “Merry Christmas” on their holiday cups. There are a few problems with this anger.

1) Starbucks is a business and businesses can do what they want. It would be bad PR if Starbucks had alternatively decided to write, “NO MORE CHRISTMAS,” instead of leaving the cup with a blank canvas.

2) Christmas is not the only religion in the world. There is not much more to be said. It is true that the vast majority of American citizens follow/identify themselves as following this religion, but Starbucks should not be pressured to single out one religion on their cups.

3) Christianity, like other religions, is a religion that teaches one to help others who need a helping hand, and to do so with love and humility. This is probably the biggest part of the controversy which annoys me. People who could actually use help in this world–like the hungry, the disabled, the poor, etc.– could use more attention than Starbucks (they rake in billions of dollars, after all). Sadly, some Christians have decided that their priorities should be with Starbucks’ Design Department. Just no.

For a multi-billion dollar organization, Starbucks does give back. I don’t even go to there often–maybe once a year–but their charitable efforts are something I support.

This guy gets it. Photo courtesy of Twitter user @billyeichner.
This guy gets it. Photo courtesy of Twitter user @billyeichner.

How did you feel Starbuck’s holiday cup design for 2015?

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