Nelle botti piccole sta il vino buono

This Italian proverb means literally, “there’s good wine in small barrels.” In American English, we know this phrase to be “good things come in small packages.” I am the petite activist and I think that whether or not we are any size, any race, or placed into any socially recognized category, we all have voices that should be heard when we need them to be.

Each of my maternal grandparents left Italy during the World War II era to pursue a better life in other countries. For my father’s parents, they came to the United States via Ellis Island. For my mother’s parents, they landed in Melbourne, Australia (how my parents met is a long story). My grandparents and parents worked very hard to teach me about humility and the power of perseverance. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to go to college, live and travel throughout Europe, and to never be hungry. These are just a few ways in which I have been fortunate, but they are all privileges that not everyone in this world are afforded. I do not believe that every major issue can be solved easily, nor with one voice alone, but I will contribute a global perspective in which one can begin to look at the world differently.

Understanding how the world works is not just limited to babies, I am still learning to this day. Who is with me!?

Author: Melissa

4'8", dog lover, fashion and culture enthusiast.

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